Ride Old Buck to Water

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RIDE OLD BUCK TO WATER. AKA and see "Hell Broke Loose in Georgia (3)." Old-Time, Song and Breakdown. A Major. AEae tuning (fiddle). AB. "Ride Old Buck to Water" was recorded in 1930 for Columbia Records in Atlanta, Ga., by the North Georgia group The Skillet Lickers [1]. The group's personnel changed from time to time over a ten year recording career, but the line up for this tune was Clayton McMichen, Bert Layne and Lowe Stokes on fiddles, Riley Puckett, vocals and guitar, and Gid Tanner on banjo. Puckett sang brief couplets in the first strain of the tune in between instrumental portions:

The Skillet Lickers

Ride Old Buck to water,
Ride Old Buck to water.

Saw him down at the foot of the hill,
If he ain't come back I'd a-been there still.

Ride Old Buck to the halter,
Sold, for a dollar and a quarter.

Raccoon treed the possum,
Raccoon treed the possum.

Don't you cry my honey,
Don't you cry my honey.

A similar tune is "Hellbound for Alabama," recorded in the 1920's by another north Georgia band, Fiddlin' John Carson and His Virginia Reelers.

Additional notes

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